5 Myths That Are Limiting Your YouTube Growth

YouTube can be overwhelming as you’re starting. When a million “YouTube Experts” are screaming in your ear about different YouTube strategies, you can get lost in the BS.  Here’s the truth that most of these “experts” don’t know…  YouTube is a STUPID EASY platform to understand. However, everyone LOVES to overcomplicate it.  Continue Reading

Controversial Truth: YouTube SEO Is Useless (Here’s What YouTube Won’t Tell You)

When you hear the words ‘YouTube SEO’, what do you usually think of? You might think it has something to do with coding, algorithms, research, analytics, and information collecting.  The phrase “Search Engine Optimization” is a scary word! But combine it with YouTube, and all of a sudden… YouTube SEO Continue Reading

The YouTube Algorithm Doesn’t Care About Likes, Comments, and Subscribes (Do This Instead!)

Yes, we said it… You need to stop saying “like, comment, and subscribe to my channel!” There is literally no point in doing it, The YouTube algorithm couldn’t care less. Too many channels make the mistake of asking viewers to hit pointless buttons that do absolutely nothing for the YouTube algorithm. Nevertheless, Continue Reading