Step 2: Increase Your Click-Through Rates

You need to post consistently on YouTube to see ANY results...

I see many beginner YouTubers make the mistake of posting only one video per day, thinking that their channel will blow up.

Remember, YouTube's algorithm focuses on PEOPLE.

If you want to connect with people, you will need a series of videos that viewers can binge-watch.

Even if one of your first videos did blow up and millions of viewers and subscribers flooded in, there is a good chance those viewers will not stick with you long term.

Your goal should be to build a channel with a solid foundation that can withstand time instead of a channel that lights up fast and burns out quickly.

How many videos do I recommend posting? This answer will depend on your situation...

The type of content you release will dictate the frequency you upload videos.

For example, evergreen topics (topics that stay relevant for long periods) in most cases will not require daily uploads. Timely subjects on the other hand may require you to release videos quickly to stay up to date with current events.

If you consider starting or growing a channel that consists of evergreen topics, I recommend 3-4 videos.

With timely subjects, 5-6 videos works well for most creators.

You need to post frequently if you are struggling to grow because it will develop your content creation skills.

Posting frequently helps you collect data on what works and what doesn't. YouTube provides detailed analytics for you to analyze all of your videos (example above ^.)

You can see if technical aspects of your channel are working (thumbnails, titles, cards, end screens.) If your delivery needs work, you could focus on adjusting your topics, intros, conclusions, and storytelling abilities.

Let's move on to how frequently you should post...

If you only posted 1 video per week, you would only be posting about 4 videos per month. By the end of the year, you would have 52 videos.

52 videos are not enough to understand yourself, your brand, and the audience you are targeting.

Let's say you posted 4 videos per week. You would have 208 videos by the end of the year.

That's A LOT more data you can use!

The additional benefit to posting more on YouTube is the ability to turn the videos into series (playlists ^.)

Remember, YouTube rewards content creators who convince their audience to watch more of the channel's videos.

With a collection of videos, you can add cards and end screens to drive viewers to older content.

Some of you might argue that you do not have enough time to post frequently because of how long it takes to write scripts, film, and edit.

Don't worry! I will give you a solution to this obstacle...

If you hate scripting, filming, and editing videos, try out streaming. Streaming is an easy way to post content consistently. It is also hands-down the best way to create loyal communities.

By streaming live, you can interact with your audience live. Interacting with communities live will feel more personal to the viewer versus scripted video comment sections.

Streaming takes little effort, requires a low budget, and is location-independent (all you need is an average camera, microphone, and internet.)

StreamYard is my personal favorite streaming platform ^.

The benefit of streaming is the ability to extract clips from streams and turn them into separate videos. In many cases, clips will receive more watch time, views, and subscribers than a stream.

You can add cards and end screens to these clips to drive viewers to your older clips.

If you want to stream, you could go live twice a week and extract two clips.

Boom! Now you can interact with your community twice a week while building up your watch time, views, and subscribers through clips!

If you hate the idea of streaming... I'll give you another solution.

Your next option is to post scripted videos only.

I want you to put little effort into editing and scripting. Instead, you should quickly take out your camera and microphone and start filming.

Posting content quickly is more important than focusing on the small annoying tasks that go into editing and scripting.

If you post consistently and fail consistently as you film, you will see results faster versus having to drag yourself down with menial tasks.

Remember, your content will progressively get better as your channel grows.

Later down the road, you can either hire someone to manage your video editing. If you don't want to hire anyone and manage the channel yourself, you will have more time to do it because you will flash through the filming process.

I have one NEW strategy that few creators take advantage of. Shorts...

Remember, our goal is to get viewers to watch more of our videos.

With 60 seconds or less, you can film a quick tip or something funny, then link an older video you filmed.

Deliver your value quickly and then tell your viewers something like this at the end of each short video, "... if you like this video watch this video right here." Add a card or end screen, then end the video. ^

Don't focus on gaining subscribers or views from shorts. Your goal is to get viewers to watch your old videos.

Batch record 30 short videos, and you will have content for multiple months.

You can also implement this strategy if you decide to take the streaming route.

Shorts are super easy to film and upload. You don't even need to attach thumbnails to them. All you need to do is turn in your phone and record a video for 60 seconds max, add an end screen card, and you are done! (make sure to add #shorts with each short you post in the title or description.)

Once you hit 1,000 subscribers, you also can post on the community tab.

With the community tab, you can provide value, ask questions, run polls, and most importantly, link back to older videos ^.

Commit to a posting schedule for your community posts because it will build up your discipline to post content. These posts don't need to be too long. Ensure they are short, concise, and deliver value to your audience.

Remember this easy formula: consistency + time = results.

Consistency is vital on YouTube. Some creators can get away with posting infrequently, but most creators are unable to.

For homework, I want you to decide if you will be streaming or posting scripted videos (or both.) Let's also come up with a posting schedule for your content, whether that's through scripted videos, streams, clips, shorts, or community posts.

Write down the days and times you will film, edit, and post. I recommend writing your plans on sheets of paper and posting them on your wall. Ideally, pin it somewhere you plan to see the sheets all day (computer desk, bathroom, kitchen, etc.)

Tune in for tomorrow's email because I will explain how you can increase your video's click-through rates, an essential step you need to follow to see impressive results!

If you have any questions about growing your YouTube channel or would like to work with us, make sure to book time on my calendar down below.