HOLD ON... You're Struggling With YouTube??

If You Believe That Motivation, Algorithm Shortcuts, And Expensive Equipment Will Create Explosive Viewer And Subscriber Growth...


Don't Fall For This Trap!

Are you struggling to drag yourself out of the mud as YouTube suppresses your viewers and subscribers? Calm down!
I will guide you along the best pathway to attract tribes of viewers that binge-watch your content and defend against your most hated enemies.

Build Your Audience

Learn how to identify your ride or die target audience.

Increase Click-Through Rates

Learn how to design thumbnails and write titles that excite viewers.

Find The Best Topics

Learn how to find topics that will attract viewers and subscribers.

Understand Analytics

Learn how to analyze analytics to identify what is and isn't generating growth.

Create Awesome Videos

Learn how to structure videos to increase audience retention and watch time.

ALL YouTubers, Including Lazy, Demotivated Individuals, Can Attract Obsessed Viewers That Like, Comment, Subscribe, And Put GREENBACKS In Their Favorite Creator's Pockets

After working with clients ranging from the dating, lifestyle, business, and news niches, I have learned that you will NEVER be happy if you always compare yourself with YouTubers that have millions of subscribers.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Comparing yourself to the most successful YouTubers and taking no action WILL demotivate you.

I always see keyboard warriors on the internet telling creators that they should give up on their journey because the YouTube algorithm is designed for luck.

Don't listen to these losers and remember that YouTube is one of the best FREE marketing platforms on the internet that everyone can use.

However, I have discovered that most creators don't understand how to use YouTube because of this limiting belief...

Have You Felt LOST In The Frightening Sea Of Millions Of YouTubers While The World Stares At The Same 1% Of Creators?

Most creators don't see the massive potential that lurks in the expanse of YouTube.

If you feel like a minnow searching for YouTube success while terrifying sharks threaten your existence, don't worry, you can thrive in their territory.

YouTube is an EASY platform to master, as long as you receive the right guidance and don't fall into shady cash-grabbing "YouTube Guru" traps...

Huh? You're Telling Me That These Weird YouTube "Gurus" That Use Their Dad's Old Dusty Computer Tell Lies?

Yes! these sleazy thieves promise too good to be true practices and pickpocket your money at the same time!

The reality is that most creators don't understand the YouTube game...

At Aurochs Marketing, we don't provide quick and miraculous promises; instead, we hold your had throughout your journey to get the kind of subscriber that actually likes and comments on your videos.

With countless hours of experimentation and observation, I have come across strategies that have helped most of my clients reach outstanding results while discovering "hacks" that are BULLSHIT.

Here's what I found...

If Your Growth Is Trickling In Like Water In A Desert, You Are Making Mistakes


These strategies will waste your time and destroy your motivation:

YouTube doesn't care about the genius tricks that you found on a pirated pdf file. You can't outsmart the algorithm that is designed to provide a user-friendly experience!

Gone are the days when YouTubers received millions of views from filming ridiculous pranks with thumbnails showing three sexy bikini girls washing a yellow Lamborghini.

Your content will bore almost everyone... except your mother... if you're greedy and don't focus on your core audience that wants to see your authenticity...

Believe It Or Not - Having Millions Subscribers Doesn't Guarantee Millions Of Dollars!

There are thousands of creators that have millions of subscribers, but some of them don't tell you that they live in their PARENT'S BASEMENT.

Instead of focusing on the shiny 1,000,000 subscriber golden play button, you should instead aim to build a LOYAL TRIBE that watches all of your videos and attacks your most hated enemies.

Your tribe will not care if you spend thousands of dollars on advertisements, new camera equipment, sports cars, girls, or golden chains.

At the current stage of your journey, you might be undergoing a massive meltdown thinking:

"I feel like I'm going to experience burnout if this continues, and it makes me sad because I really love YouTube but I'm not really seeing any payoff."

Relax! We will provide you with a step-by-step breakdown on how to grow your tribe.

We Outlined A 4 Step Guide That Will Transform Your Barren YouTube Channel Into A Brand That Flows With Views And Loyal Subscribers

You might be wondering, "Huh? How is it possible to grow a channel with only 3 steps?"

You see... YouTube isn't as difficult as you think it is.

The internet has brainwashed you into thinking that YouTube is some complex machine that operates in your favor when you push the right buttons.

We will be one of the first people to tell you that the algorithm is not designed to make your life a living hell. Instead, YouTube wants you to create content that viewers want to engage with, watch videos up to the end, and click on the next video you offer!

If you did not understand what I just explained, don't worry.

To master YouTube, you will need to follow these 4 simple steps:

Some of you right now might be thinking, "Oh my god, this is so vague! If mastering YouTube was this easy, everyone would have millions of subscribers! Show us the algorithm hacks instead!"

There are no hacks to this process. It really is that easy!

Look At These Wild Results


Before FreshandFit became the #1 Dating podcast in Miami, the channel was heading towards becoming fitness-focused. The goal was to help men unplug themselves from fitness industry lies and accept the truth about physical, social, and mental wellness.

Myron Gaines, the founder of FreshanFit had no idea how massive his channel would become...

Myron filmed his first video in a janky white studio in Miami. The sound echoed, the lighting was overexposed, and the videos displayed video effects that were dark and difficult to see.

(^ Awful Quality!)

The thumbnails throughout his first videos were frightening to look at, as they featured dark red text in front of a black background. As you already know, black and red DO NOT BLEND WELL.

The channel titles were too long and failed to hit adequate watch time, average audience retention rates, and click-through rates.

All of a sudden! Unplugged Fitness began seeing EXPLOSIVE growth because of this...

Myron decided that enough was enough after his channel grew to only 573 subscribers throughout 3 months.

He knew that he needed a team of strategists that could build his channel from the ground up.

Luckily, he found us, a pair of strategists that love to grow struggling channels into money printing machines.

We immediately went to work by revamping his titles, thumbnails, search engine optimization, banners, descriptions, playlists, and collaboration efforts.

Suddenly... his channel began to grow exponentially!

By October, the channel struck 6,510 subscribers after 4 months of strategizing!

The channel reached a turning point in October. When Myron relocated the show to the Panorama Tower, an 85-story skyscraper located in Brickell Miami, along with bringing Walt, aka "Fresh" as his business partner, the channel saw unbelievable growth.

With Walt's Addition to the show, the two rebranded the "Unplugged Fitness" name to "FreshandFit".

Myron and Walt would run a new podcast together called "The Fresh and Fit Podcast". Fit stood for Myron because of extensive knowledge in health and fitness, while Fresh represented Walt and his ability to network with high status individuals while maintaining a fresh digital and physical appearance.

Their vision with the FreshandFit channel is to help men change their lives by teaching them the importance of learning finances, fitness, and women's psychology.

Gradually, FreshandFit began taking over Miami through networking, as they brought in experts that specialized in dating, fitness, and business.

This sensational duo followed our YouTube strategy to a T while investing back into the business through new studio equipment, guest invitations, private coaching, and marketing research.

As of April 2021, the channel has hit 111.3k subscribers and reached 2.8 million watch time hours and 10 million views all within 10 months.

Today, FreshandFit continue to bring idolized guests, stream more exciting content, all while growing a tribe of driven men whose focus is to excel with women, fitness, and finances.

Legal Mindset

Competing in the news niche is no easy task for most YouTubers. As hot topics come out, someone has to break them down quickly, especially with today's influx of fake news.

As an attorney, Andrew Esquire, the creator of "Legal Mindset," has seen greedy news organizations report crazy issues with biased perspectives. Andrew helps his audience develop a Legal Mindset to gain an unfair advantage in today's western society.

When we first started working with Andrew, we needed to develop the best strategy for his target audience.

The first step we took involved finding the right value proposition. The value proposition is the value that Andrew promises to deliver to his ideal audience.

The first proposition we used said, "Train Your Legal Mind." After thinking it through for a couple weeks, we changed his value proposition to say, "Helping You Gain An Unfair Advantage."

"Unfair Advantage" targets viewers that want to learn how to gain a legal advantage over the unaware with information that would seem unfair to the majority. By defining a specific target audience, we eliminate viewers that disagree with the concept of eliminating competition to live a more fulfilling life.

With trial and error, we made changes to target the right audience while optimizing videos, titles, and thumbnails to get the most engagement.

One of the first steps we needed to figure out was the best thumbnail design that would draw in the most viewers:

(^Experimenting with different designs to find the best click-through rates.)

Finding the best thumbnail design that receives the highest click-through rates is crucial to YouTube growth. After experimenting with 3 templates, we discovered that the thumbnails with the most simplicity would receive the click.

There were nights where we would discuss YouTube strategy to build the right audience, increasing click-through rates, increasing audience retention until 3:00 AM!

When a breaking news topic comes out, Andrew immediately takes out his Sony camera, sets up the studio lighting, film his interpretation, sends the video for edits, and uploads the video to YouTube the following day.

After working diligently for 3 months, Legal Mindset collected 5,180 subscribers, 40,171 total views, and 1,800 watch time hours.

When we first started working with Andrew, we identified and committed to 4 steps:

With little competition in the YouTube lawyer space, Andrew envisions a channel where viewers can watch current events, without the BS cash-grabbing TV tactics.

Luckily for Andrew, he was able to find a hole in the market and capitalize on it at the right time. 0 to 5.18k is an impressive accomplishment most YouTube channels, but it has a ways to go before it reaches its full potential.

Stirling Cooper

Growing on YouTube as an adult film star is no easy task. The risks of getting censored or banned as a star are likely considering the topics covered.

Stirling Cooper is one of the few active stars left on YouTube.

As an award-winning adult film star, Stirling has traveled around the world shooting for numerous studios, helping him gain experience in acting, sex, and learning what it takes to become a masculine man.

No, Stirling is not the typical jock that explains how awesome he is and later tells you to buy his sausage enlargement pills.

Stirling's goal is to help men live a masculine life while using his experience to help men transform their sex lives.

When Stirling first came to us in November 2020, we saw massive potential in him.

At the time, Stirling had a small channel consisting of 2,610 subscribers.

As you might already know, sex always sells when presented to a passionate audience.

After listening to Stirling's vision and his brilliant idea to teach men the art of sex and masculinity through YouTube, we knew that his brand was a diamond in the rough...

The only problem was...

We didn't know if it was possible to break through the barrier of internet censorship.

When we first saw Stirling's past videos in the YouTube studio, we were shocked to see how many videos demonetized and restricted.

That is when our first step came in to grow his YouTube channel...

We needed to develop a system that would prevent the channel from getting restricted to reach his ideal audience and change their lives.

YouTube's algorithm is not stupid. With AI technology, YouTube can catch all of Stirling's naughty industry words and limit his reach.

We devised a plan to clean up his words and phrases censoring him.

Suddenly! His channel began growing faster as videos got fewer demonetizations and restrictions!

When we started working with Stirling in December, his channel had 3,340 subscribers. By March, he reached 7,000 subscribers in only 4 months!

We needed to reorganize his channel to increase click-through rates, watch time, and audience retention.

Simplicity is the key to high click-through rates on YouTube. Initially, we designed a set of thumbnails with a 1930s design. These thumbnails did not perform as well as we expected because of their busy look.

The next thumbnail design had larger text, fewer words, and more emotion. Immediately, the thumbnails started performing well.

The views began shooting up because of simple design modifications.

Our next goal was to increase the video retention rates and watch times.

We needed Stirling’s scripted videos to reach a 50% retention rate, the last minute of the video.

To modify his retention rates, we advised him on the best way to introduce and conclude his videos.

Once he implemented two simple modifications, his average retentions reached 60% + click-through rate while hitting 50% by the last minute of each video.

All at once...

The channel transformed into a well-oiled machine that pushes out content that viewers love while building a large and more loyal tribe.

We knew that we could grow Stirling's channel without getting kicked off the platform for spreading adult industry and masculinity secrets.

If You Reached This Point On The Page, You Thirst To Have A Fast Growing YouTube Channel

Don't worry because we will walk you through the same process our clients went through to grow their brands with the...

4 Step YouTube Business Plan

What are these 4 steps? The same 4 steps we used to grow our top four clients:

I will break down how we will hold your hand to crush these steps with success.

"Identify And Build The Right Audience"

Your story is your most lethal weapon as a YouTuber.

The story you tell attracts and retains viewers that relate to your struggles, accomplishments, and beliefs.

To capture your ideal audience, we will need to identify your ideal viewers by creating a magnet that attracts your loyal tribesmen and repels the disloyal enemies.

We will explain how to use your story to develop a value proposition that explains the value you provide should they choose to watch your videos.

This value proposition will be used to promote your:

"Increase Your Click-Through Rates"

Most YouTubers overlook the importance of developing an eye-catching thumbnail.

We will break down how you can develop a thumbnail that uses the right colors, theme, emotion, and text.

A great thumbnail is crucial to your success on YouTube.

Who would have thought a tiny image can determine if your channel explodes or fizzles out?

Your titles will also be crucial your growth.

We will explain how the thumbnail and video title complement each other to get viewers to click on your videos.

Giving you the best tips and resources to write awesome titles that compliment your thumbnails will be our #1 priority.

"Post Content Consistently"

"Small disciplines repeated with consistency lead to great achievements gained slowly over time." - John Maxwell

A common question I see throughout the internet and working with clients is, "how often should I post videos?"

The answer to this question is... Consistently!

The meaning of "consistently" depends from person to person. However, we will give you the steps to clarify the question.

I will give you a hint... the more you post, the likelier your channel will take off!

"Increase Your Watch Time"

This step is the gold we have been dying to offer you!

High watch time is what leads channels to grow to massive proportions.

If you look at the most successful channels, you will notice a common trend...

Their watch times are EXORBITANTLY high!

We will give you our best strategies that will teach you how to film and edit videos that receive high retention rates, along with high watch time hours.


Stop listening to these gurus! You don't need to focus on getting these vanity metrics as long as you continuously hit high watch time numbers!

We explain ALL of these steps in further detail with a little extra drip of secret sauce if you get a on the waiting list to receive the...

4 Step YouTube Business Plan

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